International flights out of the US don’t get much cheaper than $103 roundtrip. I recently visited Honduras and had an excellent time; however, I visited the island of Roatan which is essentially a tourist Island. I probably wouldn’t advise travelers to visit the mainland Honduras unless they are confident travelers with a strong plan. While San Pedro Sula isn’t a tourist destination, there are some highly reviewed activities in the area according to TripAdvisor such as a JungleExpedition which is a very interesting eco-fitness focussed expedition company.

Otherwise you may consider taking a 3hr bus or taxi to La Ceiba where you can catch a ferry (Safeway Galaxy ferry) to Roatan. The ferry leaves twice daily for about $12 USD.

If you’re looking for a cheap international getaway from Houston, this might be just for you. Find the flight deal on Spirit Airlines website. Dates are available intermittently throughout April, May and June 2016.

Note: Spirit Airlines is known to charge for every little thing. So pack light or be prepared to pay high baggage fees.