There are cheap flights and then there are $9 flights. To most people, the idea of booking a flight from one country to another for $9 seems like a surefire scam. This however, is not. Ryanair is offering flights from Warsaw, Poland to Brussels, Belgium for only $9.88.

This incredibly cheap flight is an example of why it’s always a good idea to find the cheapest flight to Europe and then find a connecting flight to your desired destination. Sure, you may save a few hours by flying directly to your destination but is a few hours worth $300-1,000 to you? That’s the amount you could save by flying to the cheapest european destination then taking a connecting flight on a low cost airlines like Ryanair, WOW, EasyJet, AerLingus, or Eurowings to name a few.

Not all inter-european flights will be less than a tenner but you can certainly find them regularly for less than $40 each way.

Currently the cheapest way to get to Europe is to fly to Oslo, Norway on Norwegian Airlines from New York for $290 roundtrip or Los Angeles for $380 then take a connecting flight from Oslo to your desired destination.