Alaska is a beautiful part of the world and where I call home. Unfortunately, it can be an expensive place to travel from. This of course doesn’t stop me, it just means I have to get creative with my flights! For all of my friends in Alaska and those considering visiting, summer is now the time to travel to or from Alaska. JetBlue offers seasonal service with flights to and from Seattle, Washington or Portland, Oregon for $78 each way. It does not get any cheaper than this!

Take advantage of these flights before the prices rise because they will! There are still plenty of dates available in early summer. Book directly on

If you’re considering flying internationally, consider booking a ticket to Seattle and then booking your international flight from Seattle, you’ll certainly find cheaper flights. Consider booking with this deal from Seattle to China. There are also good deals on flights from Seattle to Iceland. Regardless of where you go, Anchorage to Seattle or Portland for less than $80 is a great start on a cheap vacation!